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Frequently Asked Questions

Mrs: Must be married, with or without kids.

Miss: Must be unattached (single, divorced, widowed), with or without kids.


Do I have to have children? 


Is there an age requirement?

Yes, for both the Miss and Mrs you must be 18 years of age or older.

Am I too old to win - Am I too young to win?
The judges are looking for a beautiful, well rounded, articulate woman. Age is NOT a factor.

Is there a height requirement?
There is no height requirement to enter or win. Our state winners have ranged in heights from 4’11 to 6’.

Do I have to have prior pageant experience to win?
No. It truly depends on the individual. Every one is given a fair opportunity to win! 

For the Mrs division: Do you have to be married a certain number of years to win? 
No. We have had winners who have been married as little as 7 months and as long as 18 years. 

Do I need a performing talent?
No. There is no talent portion with the America system.

Will I be judged on community service?
No, but the judges will see each contestants list of community involvement and volunteering.

Are there local competitions I must enter first?                                                                                                                                         

There are no local competitions, all contestants come directly to the state competition.  Local titles are awarded on a first come first serve basis. If your city or county titles are already awarded, we will award you a regional title.  


How do I get started?                                                                                                                                                                            

Complete the application and email or mail it to the office along with your application fee. Email with any questions.


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